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21. Unionstagung der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Gefässkrankheiten
«Die 21. Unionstagung muss leider aufgrund der unsicheren Entwicklung der Covid-19 Pandemie abgesagt werden. Die Tagung wird ins 2021 verschoben. Sobald das Verschiebedatum bekannt ist, werden wir hie....
Union Schweizerischer Gesellschaft für Gefässkrankheiten


A brief history of varicose vein surgery
The oldest reference to the treatment of varicose veins goes back to Hippocrates (Kos, 460-377 BC) who counselled patients with venous ulcers to avoid a sedentary life style. The Roman physician Cornelius Celsus (Alexandria, 3-64 AD) introd...
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Survey of AAA treatment modalities in history
ca. 1600 Vesalius 1st description of AAA ca. 1810 Monteggia injection of sclerosing agents 1845 Pétrequin application of electricity 1850 ff Lister compression 1850 ff Various Introduction of...
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Treatment modalities of AAA in th 19th century
An important development that could be considered as the beginning of modern vascular surgery was the creation of  a porto-caval shunt by the Russian Nikolai Eck in an animal experiment. His work was published in 1879. In the same year, the "Ha...
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